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Wimbledon MetroWest Tennis School consists of three, multi-week sessions. Tennis lessons are available seven days a week at hours convenient to juniors and adults alike. Our Tennis Professionals are here to provide tennis instruction to all ability levels. We offer private, semi-private and group lessons as well as a comprehensive Junior Development program. Membership at Wimbledon MetroWest is not required to enroll in the Tennis School. The advantage of our Tennis School is that students have the same instructor at the same time and on the same day each week. The student can progress and grow with consistency through the session and then have the opportunity to either move up or continue to work on specific areas.


Introduction to Tennis
(Ages 5-8)

This program is for students with no or little tennis experience looking to learn the basics of tennis. Using smaller racquets, nets, and courts and larger tennis balls allows students to achieve success and confidence. Class Ratio: 8-1


Junior Development I
(Ages 9-10)

This program is for players moving up from Introduction to Tennis and for older beginner players. This class uses an orange ball which is a standard size ball but is lighter and bounces lower. Lessons are taught on a midsize court with a regulation net. Players will continue working on a stroke technique and rallying skills. Class Ratio: 6-1

Junior Development II
(Ages 11-12)

This program is for players moving up from Junior Development I. lessons are taught on a regulation court and the regular standard tennis ball is introduced. Players continue to work on stroke development, positioning, foot work, and return skills. Class Ratio: 6-1

Junior Development III
(Ages 12+)

This program is for intermediate and advanced players whose goal is to compete in USTA tournaments or join their high school tennis team. Regulation courts, nets, and tennis balls are used. Continuing stroke development, foot work, positioning, and tactical skills. Class Ratio: 6-1


The Competitive Training Academy

The Competitive Training Academy is split into two different groups. CT1 is designed for the player 11-13 years old. They are playing full court with a standard yellow ball. The player will have match experience but not yet started competing in USTA tournaments. CT2 is designed for the players 14 and up. They have high school playing experience and or have participated in USTA tournaments. Two classes will be run like a clinic and the third class will be a pro-monitored round robin. Participation in USTA tournaments is highly recommended. Class Ratio: 8-1

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